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“Forget Willpower!” An Intuitive Framework for Overcoming Procrastination

One of my most important realizations about procrastination comes from an unlikely place: Dragon Ball Z, the anime about guys fighting each other. It taught me that procrastination exists in the space between these two points: Fear of failure—which makes you exert maximum effort to avoid consequence Over-confidence—which makes you complacent and unmotivated to work beyond the bare minimum People think that willpower is the sole factor in overcoming procrastination. In actuality, relying on...

For the first time, I had to back out of a sales call. I had them pegged completely wrong. I went in thinking an Educational Email Course would be a great fit for their service. Turns out, I honed in on a service they had the least interest in promoting. Not only that, the services they did want to promote were selling just fine. All while using tactics completely opposite of what an Educational Email Course does. So after that experience, I had to ask myself: Are EECs really worth it? First,...